Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Collection of Drunken Thoughts

Official Statement

Over the last two weeks, rumors have arose that I am currently dating someone. Some even go as far as to speculate that I am dating a female. I will now respond to these rumors.

It is true that I am seeing someone and this person is female. I choose at this time to not reveal her identity online because I do not want my ass kicked. I am sure it is understandable that dating me is not something to be proud of and, therefore, not something one would want publicized. Some may find this hypocritical because I rarely protect the anonymity of anyone. My response to these people is: 'yes, this is quite hypocritical, but too f'ing bad. Get your own damn site and write whatever you want about me.'

Noticeably my current situation has reduced the amount of time I have spent updating Wirthy.com. I soon expect to be dedicating more time to the site because, honestly, how much longer can this relationship really last?

Below: Picture of Wirthy's New Livingroom Furniture


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