Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ms. Avina's 7th Grade Core

Black Plague Simulation

On Tuesday, February 2, students on the Blue Team will engage in an experiential learning activity. Students will have finished or be in the process of making an in-depth study of the lives and happenings of the medieval period in Europe. In order to make this even more enjoyable, each student will take on the persona of a monarch, nobleman/woman, or peasant and travel through each classroom to different European cities. With a roll of the die, students will either remain healthy or become infected with yersinia pestis, the bacterium which causes bubonic plague. At the end of the day, students will form a human histogram to show the progress of the plague through each class period. Good luck...and stay healthy!

Click "Read more" and find out for whom the bell tolled.
Disease Strikes Seventh Graders!
The Simulation was a great success. Below is a sampling of news flashes from the day. Pictures from our enjoyable experience will be posted soon.

"Tragic news from Italy, period one Sicily suffered 7 infections, while period 2 Florence saw yet 11 more infections, period 3 Rome saw 3 infections + 7 deaths! God help us!"

"Paris, the City of Lights, has witnessed a miracle. A student infected with plague has recovered!! There's HOPE for us all!"

"Infection levels in Seville and Valencia remain low--only one infected traveler has passed through Spain. Let us hope that the heavens continue to smile upon our great country as more pilgrims enter Barcelona later today."

"We had one student roll snake eyes and survive 6th period we infected a half-dozen 6th graders (in hopes of making next year's class smaller....). Thank you all for making it happen."

"Alas! Only three survived uninfected throughout their tour of England's cities. Interestingly, the three included one monarch, one noble and one peasant. The peasant does not look forward to doing so much work alone!"


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