Tuesday, December 28, 2004

UK Department of Social Scrutiny

Money & Commerce Index

Work for the Government
We need a team of outgoing psychopaths who are great at working under extreme pressure. No academic qualifications are necessary, but you will need to exhibit enough interpersonal and communication skills to win people’s trust shortly before you have them assassinated.

Find Freedom For Your Money
JazzBank yeah, plc is here to spread freedom. Freedom to bank, freedom to manage your finances, freedom to speak directly to your manager during office hours in the Republic of Tonga.

Enter The Prize Draw
You are one of the 12 million lucky, lucky people to be drawn from our Database of the Most Easily Flattered for our World of Coffee Tables Nigerian Bank Scam Prize Draw.

About Your Habitat
The Department of Social Scrutiny has released the latest part of its Identity Cards Initiative - About Your Habitat - which will collect details about where you live in order to plan the best route to follow you home.


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