Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Nabakov's Picks for 2004

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Nabakov's Picks for 2004

__ Browser of the year - Firefox
__ Trashy fun movie of the year- Hellboy
__ Car of the year - Bentley Continental GT
__ Political resignation of the year - David Blunkett
__ Wild science moment of the year - a rat brain flying a F-22
__ Babe of the year - Scarlett Johannsen
__ Junk food of the year - Twisties Cheddar Zigzags
__ Best use of an industrial chemical in an election of the year - the Ukraine
__ Remastered re-release of the year: Pink Floyd's "The Piper At The Gates of Dawn"
__ Worst Lord of the Rings film of the year - "The Return of the King"
__ Untimely blog death of the year - Tugboat Potemkin/Back Pages
__ Best building website of the year - www.skyscraperpage.com
__ Shoe of the year - the Dunlop Volley
__ Cat that shed the most hair in my flat this year - Mauser

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