Sunday, December 05, 2004

So L. Sez to B. She Sez

God and I are gonna build the bestest fort ever.

Whenever I go to a religious event of any sort I always feel like im watching children playing.

- build a fort
- play dress-up
- make rules that have no discernable purpose.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is someone watching from some other dimension who is really concerned about us going to church on sunday so we can pretend we are eating his body and drinking his blood, but somehow I doubt it. I mean sure the universe is infinite so this is all possible, but really doesnt that seem just a little silly and frankly just grotesque? Normally in these situations I try to turn my this-is-absurd smirk into a aww-how-charming smile I doubt it works, but hey I try. There are times however when this is extremely difficult.

I was at a baptism on sat, and after the priest drenched the head of this baby in the name of christ or whatever, a little girl in the audience (is that what you call a crowd gathered for a baptism?)said "Now his head is all wet". Not exactly the funniest line ever uttered, but coincidentally exactly what I was thinking. Good call kid. Then people came up and congratulated the mother. "Good Job letting that old guy dump water on your babies head" - "Oh thank you it took a lot of effort on my part." I'm not sure I will ever understand how people can beleive wholeheartedly in this stuff. I can see beleiving in god, but all the weird rituals? You do know your just doing those to convince yourselves right?


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