Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sanity's Evanescence

Wango Reloaded
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3 Hours Of Pain, Torture, And Really Numb Asses...

Another 12 hours at school...
12 hours of pain, stupidity, and talking cats on Prozac.
The Seussical is really taking a lot out of me.
Lately, I've been really, really tired, and kinda messed up.
Yes, even more.

The Seussical is actually pretty good. I really enjoyed the part about "General Gengkis Khan Schmidtz"
However, what I really don't get is why the inner "love story" in this thing is between a BIRD and an ELEPHANT.

A freakin bird and an elephant. From what I've learned in biology, that wouldn't work out too well.

But they continue to force feed us this idea that the bird and the elephant will fall in love. I really do have a problem with this, especially cuz A FREAKING ELEPHANT IS GETTIN MORE THAN I AM...

And that ends my little tirade (big word ^^) against the otherwise not-so-bad Seussical.


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