Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Incognito Consort

Midnight Mischief
Originally uploaded by Grace Nearing.
How to make a six-figure salary with your eyes closed...Literally!

Now doesn't that just sound like the perfect subject line of some wonderful spam clogging up your inbox?

While mulling over martinis with a fellow consort friend, we came up with this wonderful truism.

Jade is the girl who really got me started in the biz/I'm the one who gave her the guts to go ahead and take the plunge.

We each had had our brushes undergrad poverty; she as a destitute student searching the sidewalks for change to take the subway to class and rationing her supply of brown rice, I a veteran of a self-imposed $20/month budget who went on dates with despicable men just for the meal. We had each dabbled in a bit of compensated naughtiness (watching guys jack off, absolutely incriminating (and incredibly underpaid) photo shoots for "personal pornography collections"), but neither of us went ahead with our full-on pursuits until we knew the other was doing so. She has proved an invaluable resource and most of all, friend.


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