Thursday, December 02, 2004

Lost in Guam

A man's struggle through love, life on the Island of Guam

Tuesday Night Madness
By 7:30 pm I was already trashed. D kept calling and texting to check on me, I kept saying i was ok. I told him I wanted to be alone tonight, with my vodka and pills.

8:00 My estranged wife called, asking if she can have one of the beds in my house. She said she was looking for someone to pick it up. I snapped and said, I can bring it to her and told her that even though we were no longer together, I can still help her. That we can at least remain friends.
She got argumentative, but hey, that's her. A couple of minutes later she figured that she was arguing for no reason at all so, she stopped and sweetly asked if I can do it this weekend. Of course, anything, whatever.

8:something D comes over, and seeing me in fine form asks for a drink and whatever pharmaceuticals I have left.

I got totally drunk and emo again and at some point I guess he called the cavalry. He thought I was ODing, Mme, B and Al came over.

Mme insisted that I be brought to the hospital. I said hell no, no one sees me like this in public. She said I had no right to die because her birthday was this Friday and we have to party....

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