Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Ranting Canticles of an Obtusely Sensitive Jongleur

Blood, Sweat and Tears

You know how the waiter comes to your table and asks if you would like freshly ground pepper on your dish and you respond that you would, or at least I do, and then he says, "Say when."

When do you say when? When do you finally have enough? When do you know that you have allowed enough pepper onto your dish to accomplish the correct seasoning. When has your entree become so saturated that it ceases to be enjoyable. Do you stop short in case the waiter is so obtuse that after you say when he still grinds a couple more times. What if the waiter is a terrible listener and is not sensitive to your needs or how long you have waited for your meal to arrive? When do you know when to say when? What if you were never supposed to have seasoning in the first place?

We're not talking about pepper anymore, are we?



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