Monday, November 15, 2004

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In the official forum of the English group Portishead post appeared the other day that announced that David Hasselhoff (the fantastic car, the watchmen of the beach) had made a version of a subject of Portishead in German. For who does not know it, Hasselhoff in addition to deplorable actor is also a laborious singer, with enough success in Germany and Austria. Its last disc, David Hasselhoff Sings America (versions of classic between which they are "California Dreaming", Boots Are Made For Walking" "These; and "La Bonita" Island; of Madonna), according to they affirm in its page Web, arrived at the position number 11 in the Austrian list of sales. The scares do not finish there, because according to the English Web Playlouder informed, Hasselhoff would be in treatments with the group Death Cab For Cutie to become the producer of the new disc of the independent band.

BabelFish translation from Spanish.

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