Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Digital Words: A Simple and Unfinished History

Fuck, I can't remember her name. She's British though, and her name begins with an M.

She is a strikingly-beautiful-in-an-abnormal-way girl in my Film 101 class who I sat near this evening during a bus-ride. She was with a somewhat plain boy (whose relationship to her I never quite figured out.) I deliberately jumped into their conversation.

Him: "I can't remember the writer's name…"
Me: "Charlie Kaufman."

And from there I struck up a conversation with the two of them, first apologizing for invading their dialogue and then immediately introducing myself.

This girl's got the thickest, most amazing Bristol accent you've ever heard.

After we got on the subway, still talking, I thought I noticed a couple curious sidelong glances from her. Perhaps it was just my imagination.

I doubt anything will develop from this, but I'll still dream anyways.

We’ve got a new fixation, I think.

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