Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Full of Changes

Wink Hard

I shall start my usual useless preaching when i m bored!
When guys goes to Army
they oni worry where the gf will be,wat they r doing so on and so forth
so this is the time when gers are grinning ear to ear saying
"heheheh!!finally u scare le ley!"
And guys will start whining and whining in their bunk
unable to go to slp
sum may even shed tears!!
(which my guy did secretly)
But hey!!
this is also the best time to test their relationship!!
to gers who cant tk it!!
3 cheers for gers who faithfully walk through this period with their MAN!!
*hip hip hooray!*
Again when gers cant tk it
they will go
maybe all sorts of reason will start cuming out
sum may even say
"pls lo..its not because u go Army le than i break with u i ve my reasons"
Well forever have reason de
gers will start telling friends that long be4 he go Army their prob start le lo..
is jus suay suay when he go Army than she wans a break
but this is weird
why before ya guy go army u dun break nw than break?
nw pther ppl will say
"aiya not your prob la..its other ppl mindset"
this is my blog ok!!
Back to topic!
if u cant tk it than u cant go through any hardship with this young lad!!
Once heard Fabian said this
"if a ger can go through with u the BMT period(vary frm 7wks to 3mths)than its quiet satble..but anithing might happen"
(his senior tell him)
i totally agree on this sentence
BMT period is the toughest period ya guy will go through when they r enlisted!
But again...
this mean that time spend with their gers is shorter
oni 1 1/2 day a week..
I can tk it
but others might not
I gave my guy full assurance i m not going do anithing outside
and my guy is damn lucky that he is not posted to Tekong
this mean no 3 wks confinement
nice one!
3 chrs for jalan bahar!!
We do quarrel when he is in camp
due to lonliness i ve n i m damn sad
i m so used to his presence almost everyday before he enlist
i cant tk it
i cried almost every nite
almost every Sunday when he book in
it make him beri FAN
he dunno wat to do to soothe me dwn
esp when he got to be on gurad duty or on standby
mark the end of my life at that time!
i hated to hear that from him n always pray hard he wun kanna!!
But this kind of thing cant siam!!
Finally after he cleared his MC for rapid discharge of muscles
he was 'asked' to be on night duty on a SAT!!
I did not sleep the whole nite so to be wide awake and i took the 5th train in the morning
dwn to Jurong!!
i almost die!!
just to meet him earlier!!
this is wat luv can do to one person!!
i do whine to him n act like a BIG baby!!
telling him i m unhappy..
but i made sure its all just complaints n it wun cum true nor will affect the relationship
maybe this is hw we went through this tough period..
7 wks pass swiftly
and he was posted
i wan happy!!
Although he nd to attend course at CDA(jurong)he dun mind fetching me every
alternate days.even he is tired..
maybe this is where guy shld put in sum effort!!
finding time n making time for ur ger when u r in NS is a must
even u r tired
at least your ger saw the effort made....
This is just hw a army boy life is..
they serve the country their gers shall wait
I depise those gers who left to seek solace in other guys n to seek company in other guys
U wait
if not u go
but not lies n betryal
u ve mood swings
but your guy do not choose to be in NS
Hw much ur guy wans to be the one to comfort u
to lend u the shoulder to lean on
And yet u just wan to hide from this fact that u r wrong
fingers are at u
saying hw not understanding u r
hw flirt u r
hw inmature u r
yet u still think u r the victim
i pity U!!
for your ignorance
for ur childishness
may god bless the 2 of u till death!!
*wink hard*
it just part and parcel of life
each n every1 has a diff obstacle to cross
a diff path to walk
it depend hw u walk it and lead it
i nvr believe that i will die in my own decision in life
if i were to made a wrong one
i make sure i find my way out n survie
even i have to go through a period of ICU!!
I dun FARKING hell mind!!

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