Friday, December 16, 2005

Tokyo Observations

Gee, thanks boss

A bizarre moment salvaged.

A former Vice-President of the United States came by the office yesterday for a meeting with my boss.

Yes, that former Vice-President, the one from Indiana.

He came on a diplomatic mission of some delicacy. Why it was entrusted to him, I do not know. Why the Embassy solicited my employer's opinion, I have no idea. I do not even know whether the Embassy or the Ministry set this up.

Anyway, as the former Vice-President was leaving, Mr. Okamoto introduced me. Earlier he had noted that I had a serious deficiency in that I was a Democrat.

"This is Mr. Cucek, our main research analyst."

The former Vice-President extended his hand. I shook it. He asked me where I was from.

"San Francisco," I replied.

"Marin County?" inquired the former Vice-President.

"No, San Francisco, San Francisco. Inside the City."

At this point, my boss made an inexplicable comment.

"There is really only thing wrong with Michael. He has no taste for women."

Now my boss made this comment in reference to my spectacular and neverending marital difficulties. But of course the former Vice President knew nothing about my troubles.

Instead, the former VP and the Embassy wraith accompanying him stood in stunned silence, not sure how to respond.

Into the breech I rushed with the only weapon I had--and prayed that it would work.

"Sir, " I quietly ventured in a low, husky voice, "When a man says he is from San Francisco and you say he has no taste in women-- it gives entirely the wrong impression."

The former Vice-President laughed. Not a guffaw, but some decent chuckles.

"Nicely put," he added as the door to the elevator closed.


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Sylvana said...

HA!! That was a great come-back!