Saturday, October 15, 2005

Four out of five

To be blissfully unaware...

I sometimes have to admire people who are naïve, or just plain innocent of some of the crass elements of our society.

Some friends with the last name of "Hunt" decided not to name their son "Michael" when he was born. My wife asked why. "Because some people make fun of the name Mike Hunt." Again she asked why. I had to explain that depending on where you put the dipthong, in this case, the "K" sound in his name, it could be pretty vulgar. Again, the blank stare. I then very blushingly explained that the word in question was a lewd term for a part of a woman's anatomy. "Oh," she replied. I couldn't tell who was more embarrassed: Her for not knowing something pretty commonplace like that, or me for telling her that I did.

Another case in point: I was looking at my mom's "wall of shame" (wall covered with pictures) while visiting her last week, and noticed a recent pic of one of my younger brothers wearing a t-shirt with "Got MILF?" emblazoned across the front in big, white letters. I wonder how he explained that one when my mom asked him what it meant. I think I'll keep my big mouth shut on this one, and pretend to be blissfully unaware.

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Cowboy said...

Wow! Thank you for including me on your page! You have a very nice site here. I especially like the 26 most annoying people post.

Sylvana said...

That is hilarious! I remember a few conversations like this with...MY FATHER! Well, if he didn't want to have to explain the damn thing to me, he should have never said such things in front of me as a child!