Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cherry Blossom Special

Found Film Footage Is So Good, They Made A Festival Of It.

Ok, so you've been out to garage sales, thrift stores, and various other places where people discard things. In your travels, you might have uncovered some old videotapes or reels of super 8 film and thought, "I wonder what's on this thing." You pop it in only to discover it's an old training video for a store, lost family footage from a mountain trip to japan in 1959, or perhaps a hair-brained scheme cooked up by someone to make a killing in the widget business.

Sound like fun? Well someone collected a bunch of the best ones and strung them together for you so you don't have to keep looking. The Found Footage Festival is making its rounds and, from what you can see by clicking here, you will understand the phenomenon.
It's just an infinitely fascinating look at not only what people have discarded but a chance to ask, "What in the hell were people thinking?" The preview requires Quicktime so make sure you have it and then click that link to check it out. The website provides details about contacting the fest to get it in your city. Definitely worth a look.

Visit "Cherry Blossom Special"

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