Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


What picture has brought to you the most sadness?
When I was watching 9/11 on the news, my father and I had been transfixed for hours and the news crew was focussing on a hospital that was putting together make-shift gurneys for the hundreds of expected casualties. When CNN checked on the hospital a few hours later, the staff were sort of milling about and the gurneys lay empty and the strangest look was on the face of one doctor who stood out. "Oh God, where are all the people?" I thought to myself. Where were all the people? Why weren't they filling these gurneys? They weren't coming. Everytime I think of those hopeful and vain attempts to prepare for the onslaught of casualties, I see all those empty gurneys like open caskets and the face of that doctor. That image brings me a bone-chilling sadness.

What picture has brought to you the most joy?
My joy is shared across so many pictures. I have over twenty photo-albums. I love the picture of R and I looking at O when she was first born. I don't even remember the picture being taken by one of my best friends, who was in the room, but there is nothing but peace and awe and calm in that photograph.

What picture has brought to you the most introspection?
They all bring me introspection. Always. There was one that stands out enough to have kept me sober a great while. Leah knows the one.

What picture has brought to you the most laughter?
Numerous. Actually, I think I laughed hardest at a picture of a cat, once.

What picture has brought to you the most frustration?
There are two. The first is of a boy I 'dated' in grade six. He committed suicide four years later. We had been friends for a long time and when I see his face in the picture that I have, he is cutting his birthday cake and I want to reach through and tell him to tell someone. I want him to make it. But, he smiles down at the icing the future moves on, as it did.

What song will always make you cry?
Lost Together - Blue Rodeo. Ordinary World - Duran Duran. My heart was very young when I first felt those songs and those were very raw times.

What song will always make you dance?
VengaBoyz - Boom Boom Boom (seriously, I know.)

What song will always make you drive really, really fast?
Kickstart my heart - Motley Crue.

What song brings your best (in order to narrow the selection) outdoor memory?
Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions.
Welcome to the Jungle - GnR
Teenspirit - Nirvana

What are you listening to right now?
The city's police helicopter circle directly overhead. It's very loud.

What book was last given to you by someone else?
The Alchemist.

What book did you last refer to someone else?
Henry Rollins.

What book will you keep with you always?
The Bible.

Where do you like to be quiet?
At Work.

Where do you like to be loud?
Apparently, in my head.

What is your favorite fruit juice?
Unsweetened Grapefruit.

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