Friday, February 11, 2005

Lean Left

Movie Spoiler Jeopardy Contest

Below is a list of spoilers for movies with surprise-twist endings. Your task is to ask, for each spoiler, a Jeopardy-style question to which that spoiler is the answer. (Number the questions to correspond to the numbers of the spoilers in the list.)

(Example: Spoiler: “His sled.” Question: “In Citizen Kane, the main character’s dying words - ‘Rosebud . . . Rosebud’ - refer to what?")….

NOTE: This is a real contest. Click "blog link" below to visit the site for full details. There are "Prizes Galore!" -- well, three prizes actually. -- Grace

Fine Print!: The spoilers below are intentionally somewhat vague. Also, moviemakers tend to use the same old tricks over and over. If it happens that more than one plausible movie fits one of the spoilers below, all reasonable questions will be counted correct. In the case of disputes or uncertainties, the opinion of my high-strung ex-actor movie-fanatic friend will be taken as authoritative. All decisions are final. Contents may have settled during shipment. And now . . . Let the games begin!

1. His father.
2. His mother.
3. His mother.
4. Her penis.
5. Her penis.
6. Her psycho ex-boyfriend.
7. He’s already dead.
8. He’s already dead.
9. He’s not really dead.
10. They’re already dead.
11. There are no monsters.
12. He is the mastermind.
13. The mastermind is him.
14. The “good” personality is the fake one.
15. The dead man is the hero.
16. He really never left Earth.
17. They really never left Earth.
18. The rabbit is not from Earth.
19. He’s solved the crime before.
20. It’s the wrong bird.


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