Saturday, January 08, 2005

Little Cart Noodles (Hong Kong)

Hello Fate. . .

Many months ago, I came across the blog of a Singaporean girl by accident. Let's call her W. She's very generous with posting photographs of herself, her friends and family on her blog and I'll admit that one reason why I visit her blog almost daily is because she's quite attractive and good-looking people usually have good-looking friends. And they like to take pics of themselves and post them on their blogs.

(I shall not reveal the URL of W's blog as it seems that she does not want strangers to know about it. I have been a troll lurking in the shadows and have never posted comments on her blog.)

Recently, she wrote that she had just made an amicable split with her boyfriend of three years. It seems that the sparks have been missing from their relationship for some time, and while she has been making efforts to rekindle their romance, the guy has been taking her for granted. Apparently, he was relieved that she had suggested the breakup. My first thought, of course, was that her boyfriend must be a real freaking moron to let go of someone as beautiful and intelligent as W. I've seen his pics on her blog - has he looked into a mirror recently ? He must have accumulated a gazillion karma points from his past life to be reincarnated into his present, charmed life as W's boyfriend. If I were him, I would say a word of thanks to every celestial being out there every morning, noon and night to have someone like W to love and to hold.

And then, I thought about L and I. Here I am, trying to orchestrate a painless and dignified breakup with someone who is crazy about me, while somewhere out there, an admirer of L's is wishing that he is in my shoes.

I'm going back to HK tomorrow and L will be at the Airport Express station waiting for me.

I'm going to give us a try.


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