Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Wasteland (Scotland)

Late Night With David Letterman"

I do like to indulge in a bit of true Americana late of an evening, if nothing else tickles my fancy, and Mr Letterman is a reliable source of distraction if you can bear to switch your brain into full yank mode. Tonight was a winner with Jim Carrey as the main guest - boy that guy is so naturally funny, I love him! His humour seems a notch or two ahead of his peers, and poor old Dave struggled to keep up with the sarcasm and pseudo-ego, which was great. You get so much ass kissing and kooky morality on this and shows like it, it can be an eye-opener - also tonight they celebrated one year of Saddam Hussein's capture with 10 comedy treats he could expect for Christmas: weird and just a little sick, I thought, but an element of perverse brainwashing emanates from US TV and this is all normal folks... Kx


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KirkyBoy said...

Thanks for republishing this entry on your Blog. To clarify, before too many Americans get offended by what I said, I was just wanting to emphasise the cultural difference in TV programming between the two nations, I was not saying one was better than the other. In Scotland & all the UK we have to put up with some really bizarre, patronising or just plain dumb stuff around the clock: America is not alone. Happy watching. Kx