Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Anywhere but Here

Money giggling and fek arse jobs

Its so funny how a person can believe that his life is incomplete before he gets a certain something. Like a million pounds. Or a beautiful wife. Or even better, a wife with a million pounds. Its like a goal, only more of a fantasy, believing without much conscious thought that life will be perfect only once that “goal” is achieved.

But then that person takes the little things for granted. The fact that he can jingle his limbs, that he can see and hear. I know, this is an old debate, but there’s the little old factor of realization. Sometimes a person sits up and sees these things a little more clearly than before.

And its not just one’s own personal health either. Your entire outlook, the way the world is shaped through your eyes. I enjoy the small things like an impulsive laugh or a stupid humorous argument. I live for them but its fairly difficult to find someone prepared to waste some of his own time for that same purpose.

I’ve had a couple of those for hours, and one I remember specifically is one I had with Dar from ol’ MsN Books, or Brett as he now refers to himself. Why you don’t drown in a bath through your butt-hole, or why people think its rude of pirates to curse when its obvious a hook at the end of your arm would cause some difficulty. You had to be there.

Its just one of those things in life, its perfectly fine to live with a long term goal – or several – in mind, but you need to live from day to day. When things go belly up, screw it, moan about it and do what you need to do to cope, but even a bad day is a good day.

Certainly, I have limits, and I sometimes wonder why the hell I’m doing the job I’m doing, I’m wondering that every day as a matter of fact, but inside I’m still daring for it to get worse.

Its like laughing at someone who falls on his face. Unless he got seriously hurt, everyone laughs at him. Probably everyone laughs at him anyway. But only the guy that fell is me. And I don’t give a crap.

London, England


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