Thursday, November 18, 2004

Patrick's Ponderings, Perceptions, and Pontifications

Things I Hate (No. 1 in an occasional series)
People who dump things in your skip!

When I mentioned having a skip [a rented dumpster] to get rid of some rubbish, everyone joked about getting home and finding a mattress in it. Little did I expect to wake up this morning to find a mattress, divan and headboard, propped up against the skip.

The lazy bastards couldn't even be arsed to put them on the skip! If I find out who it was the rubbish will be shoved right up their jacksy (sideways).

What Patric Says About Patrick
English born, of Irish/Welsh parentage (but I know I'm French really). Heaven is slobbing out on the settee, watching Godfather/Sopranos with Tindersticks playing softly in the background, a bottle of Morgon and a large helping Paula's of "cannellini, mushroom and brie" (and Paula natch!).

From Great Britain.

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