Sunday, November 21, 2004

Aria Pesante

Aria Pesante
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Via Mirumir I discover to The Boyfriend's Arm Pillow, a pillow to you to torso shape with refolded arm, that it would allow the single to sleep comfortably like if they had l'omo to flank - ché one knows that they to bed find the more comfortable male (and warmth) of the pillow like accessory in order to rest the head and drool.

According to me those implications psychological (or biological are also all) on the fact that the medium woman feels itself only realized with man and sons to cargo. Not me of they want the feminists: I have said medium woman. Even me mistake, but then I would not explain l'esistenza of television film like "The sex and the city" or "Ally McBeal", that they narrate mainly of women who pass the time to try desperately someone that the ports to altar.

However Mirumir just it says that it is sad.What to say then of this? Time makes had read an article that it said that in Japan there are more and more (too many) single, but I do not find more to it. Boh, we speak of it.

PS: Gabriè, till now we have joked, but [the time is right] for your machine for the preliminary matters. We patent, we carry it in Japan and we become miliardari [very wealthy].

BabelFish translation from Italian.

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