Sunday, March 22, 2009

If I didn't...

From the delightful Miss Head

If I didn't…

_work as your lab partner in Chemistry
_go on a family vacation with you
_get stuck in a carpool with you
_share a hotel room with you and four others on Spring Break
_drive with you and your sister to Florida
_live on your dorm floor
_drink all your beer on successive weekends
_make you jello for your birthday
_go through a haunted house with you
_bitch about work with you over beer
_try to horn in on your torts study group
_make out with you during a drunken brawl and then pretend it never happened
_spend an entire Saturday with you in another state then never see you again
_go to your wedding because I'm friends with your mom
_act as your bridesmaid
_borrow your car to go buy beer
_paint your living room
_ask you to help me move
_work in student government with you
_have you as my human sexuality TA
_go to your house for Thanksgiving
_ride on the bus with you for junior high
_steal your Legos
_shower in your outdoor shower in an effort to reduce the hangover
_go to breakfast with you after a great party
_share an apartment with you
_know your "french" name from high school
_hang out with you at a Halloween party
_go to the Knight's Inn with you and another 20 people after prom
_drink your wine and eat your snacks
_watch "Lost" with you
_play golf with you
_go to camp with you

If I didn't do any of those things? I'm ignoring your friend request on Facebook.

Go visit Miss Head here. She’ll be waiting.

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