Friday, October 17, 2008

may i mention

may i mention,
that i am always lost.

i forget how big this city is sometimes.
i walk everywhere, but seem to be close to nothing.
[which is an extreme over-exaggeration, i know]

Also, may i mention,
that i love teleporting
it seems as if you are teleporting at least.
you go underground and come up and you are in a fantastic new place.
like, China[town] or [little] Italy or school zone, or wonderful park.
i have to especially mention Greenwich Village. absolutely wonderful vibes and lovely [envied] eclectic people.

also, may i mention,
i love pinkberry.
the healthy alternative to ice cream.
covered in fabulous fruit.

ohh thank you ones more creative than i.

From the endearing Emily over at Tidbits of Emily.

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