Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Buddha of the Weed Patch

I set the Buddha down among the weeds
(A generic Buddha from Lowe's Builders' Supply),
Thinking he might prove an anodyne
To the pain of tearing away, of separation.

O, durable hard plastic Buddha
Sitting among the creepers and the crabgrass,
Your awareness centered and focussed
On your durable hard plastic awareness,

Plastic Buddha, you cannot not help me.
I'm haunted by ghosts of a quarter-century,
Pursued by lost love's numb demons;
The Buddha watches with sightless eyes.

Oh, Rose, you have left me anchorless
With hot tears in my face.
I must go, I must leave, away from here;
I will turn my back on this place.

From Catboxx.

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