Friday, August 29, 2008

Revival and Rockets

"Though the Lord is on high, he looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar." Psalm 138:6 NIV

I'm not exactly sure what to say...but I know that it has been a great week. I have felt God's presence and have drawn closer to him these past few days. They call it revival and I suppose that's been a fitting term for what has happened here on campus. God is cleansing and renewing hearts. He is accepting the sacrifice of self. He is pouring out his love, mercy and grace on those who seek Him. He is getting closer to those who are getting closer to Him.

My confession is that I have not guarded my lips, nor shown God's love to others, nor kept myself unpolluted from the world. However, I've given God all of me. And really, that's all He wants. I'm committed to purity. I'm committed to Christ. I'm committed to self-insufficiency - a total dependence on God. I was struck tonight by this verse in Psalm 138. That even though God is high, majestic and Lord of the universe, he pays attention to the humble...but, the proud he knows from a distance. It was an interesting discovery and one that I know well: pride will distance us from our heavenly Father. My heart's whisper is: I just want to know God more.

The first week of classes has begun and the fuel to the rocket engines has been engaged. As the semester begins, combustion kicks in and the smoke begins to billow. Soon...we will have lift off. I have gone running and plan to go in the morning as well. I've also lifted weights to keep up with my brothers at home. *chuckles* The syllabi have been passed out. The reading of books has begun. Here we go.

And I'm going home for the weekend.

From All These Thoughts in My Head.

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