Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Moment With a Boy

Yesterday morning Ducky took the boys to Home Depot. We needed some lava rock for a dry well Ducky had dug in the backyard for our ongoing drainage issues. SweetE will periodically begin telling a story. They go something like this. (Not one of his real stories, but a close approximation)

"Last year when I was a baby I had a bike and it was blue and I rode it all the time and it went really fastly so that I had to drag my feet to stop and then I got in trouble for going in the street because cars go out there and that's not safe and and and I could get a boo boo and then I would need a boo boo strip and I would want the camo ones cause they are really cool, really cool but they get wet when I wash my hands and then I don't like them I really like the inbisible ones cause they don't get wet, do I have a inbisible one on now, cause I have a boo boo right here see see and that's weird, weird, weird are we going to ride the tractors, last year sweetP was watching Drake and Josh and they don't make good decisions and that's not nice and I found a penny and put it in my pocket, did you put it in my wallet, can I have a tookie the chocolate kind...

Notice the lack of periods in those sentences. He will go on and on like this speaking like hummingbird wings flap. Just a stream of not quite 4 year old consciousness. So as he is giving one of his rapid fire stories a man walks up to Ducky and says..

(like he is hyperventilating) "I feel like I need to breathe for him."

And you do and it makes you all tense because he doesn't stop and breathe or let you process any of what he is saying or breathe. I think it is hilarious that someone else noticed and had to comment.

From The Misadventures of Adulthood.

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