Friday, June 22, 2007

Halcyon Days

What Lies Beneath

I once had an anthropology teacher who told me that entire cultures can be insane. Today I am convinced he is correct though at the time I had a difficult time believing him. When I look around me and look at this country I see that the majority of people are completely insane. Western culture has always been insane. Just ask yourself what is the history of Europe and the U.S.? The answer is war. It is a long, long history of violence and greed.

This country does not need another Truman; it needs a complete rebuild from the bottom up and not just the government but the entire concept of our culture. America is nothing but an extension of the horrific violence of Europe and western civilization. And where does it end? Probably never because it is our culture that makes us what we are and culture is a powerful force that is well nigh impossible to rise above. All the insanities that we are we pass on to our children who grow up to be just like us continuing the same world views and values that make up western culture.

Our system of government is completely corrupted and broken and so you have to ask the obvious question what will fix it? The answer is obvious, when things degenerate to the point where life becomes unbearable with starvation, rampant crime, and abject poverty people will rise up to reform our government but not our culture, never our culture because it pervades our very thoughts, views and beliefs in such a profound manner that we are hardly ever even aware of it. But it is there all the same, an undercurrent of thought that is cast in iron and imprisons our reason relegating our future to what it is today, no future at all.

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Kamandi said...

reduce world population by 80% in 20 years...the great plague that is coming will do it.