Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Take A Walk on the Dark Side

This just in from Media Matters (a great website about truth in media):

Fox at the Oscars: Homosexuality among the "darker themes this year"

While introducing a segment on the 78th Annual Academy Awards on the March 5 edition of Fox News' Fox News Live, anchor Gregg Jarrett noted that the films nominated in the Best Picture category dealt with themes such as "homosexuality; homicide bombings; political assassinations," and that Hollywood was "going with a lot of darker themes this year." As Jarrett spoke, onscreen text read: "Hollywood walks on the darker side." (On principle, I won't link to Fox---but you can find it for yourself if you feel like it!)


It comforts me no end to know that cuddling with my lover and admitting that we are a couple is right up there with lobbing IEDs, shooting vice presidents (oops: did I mean being SHOT by vice presidents? Well, either way...), and the like. Phew. I was beginning to feel like my love life was being normalized or something.

Happy post Oscars!

And Non Bio Mom has this to say about New Jersey (hey, no hard feelings)

I have a love hate relationship with New Jersey. On the one hand, as a New Yorker and now as a Philadelphian, New Jersey has always seemed to be the armpit in the middle. Not to mention the fact that it has no media markets, no truly important urban centers (always significant for this not-really-driving-urbanite) and too many strip malls per capita for my comfort and a reputation for big mall hair, to boot. On the other hand there is a lot to recommend the state: it's where my wife hails from (we even used Tom Wait's "Jersey Girl" as our recessional at the commitment ceremony), liberal alcohol purchasing laws (PA has a ridiculous state system; I don't mind the state taxes but I do resent that you cannot purchase things from vineyards with whom the state does not do business), better public schools, and bluer politics.

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