Sunday, March 12, 2006

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This blog contains a bunch of school crap that I wrote. It has cluttered my Network Attached Storage space, so I might as well share it with other scholars and put it to good use. Don't use it for profit, but you can use it, hand it in to the teacher whatever. I'm not saying they're grade A papers, use/read with your own discretion.

Catcher and the Rye CH 24, 25, 26
Chapter 24

In this chapter Holden meets up with his old teacher Mr. Antolini. I find it weird how he refers to him consistently as “Mr. Antolini” as opposed to Mr. Spencer as “old Spencer” or “Spencer”. When Holden was near Carl Luce, he was very homophobic. When Holden wakes up to find Mr. Antolini stroking his head, he freaks out. Although, whether or not Mr. Antolini made a sexual advance on Holden is a moot point.

Chapter 25

In this chapter Holden's nervous breakdown has peaked. Holden is completely surrounded by phoniness and ugliness at the Grand Central Station. His interactions with Phoebe and Mr. Antolini have made him feel lonely and alienated. Mr. Antolini was correct earlier, Holden has lost a connection with the environment. As a result, Holden makes his own reasonable decision he can think of, he runs away.

Chapter 26

Holden refuses to talk more about his story and wishes he hadn't told so many people about his story, for now he is unable to express his feelings. The story ends when he goes home. He is then sent to a recovery home to recover from his breakdown. He's now in psychotherapy, and he will be attending a new school in the fall.

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