Saturday, November 12, 2005

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Foreign Policy Solutions

My foreign policy solutions:

1. Buy Cuba. Really, how much could it cost. Let’s just get this annoyance off of the table. How many Cuba’s could Bill Gates purchase?

2. Forget the Middle East. Just ignore it. Remove the emotion of the Second Coming, and oh-my-god-Oil. They can’t drink oil. It has to be sold, and the commodity market is global. Let the region fester and foment. How far could the bad guys realistically get? Nuclear Weapons Delivery System? Yea, sure. Far better to control the non-standard issues on western soil. And by the way, the Second Coming isn’t coming, so don’t wait up.

3. Let the South Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese handle the North Koreans. They should mutually care far more than us. If they don’t see a problem, why should we?

Those solutions would save lots of headaches, and lots of dough. With the savings, we can figure out how to keep American wealth while China and India acquires theirs.

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