Sunday, October 02, 2005

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Things that have amused me recently

(1) This man:

NZ's C4 channel is currently showing his series "John Safran VS God" so catch it if you can. We hired out his first series, "John Safran's Music Jamboree" last week and it was freakin' hilarious. (If you haven't caught on yet, the man in the photos name is John Safran.)

(2) This website. I usually try and stay out of religious arguments, I believe in the freedom to believe what you want. Being born a half-Jew, half-christian I definitely, DEFINITELY know that criticising people's beliefs can get ugly. And yet, I feel the need to dip my toe into this hotpool with the following comments. I must be feeling a bit anarchic.

OK, here goes: I have to say that there are some seriously fucked up Christians out there. Not all of them, but a significant amount. For example, take this excerpt from one of the religious hatemails this man received:
"I hope your genitals fall off and are eaten by three-legged mice with squirrel tails."
Sure, because Jesus would have wanted it that way.

But this is the viewpoint that some Christians have that bugs me the most (as per another letter on this website):
"Besides, the REAL reason that evolution works for many people has to do with morality - if you don't believe in God, you aren't accountable & you can go on your merry way & do your own thing regardless of what that is.....that kind of gets messed up when you put God in the picture ya know with the Thou Shalt nots & all - people just can't reconcile their immoral lifestyles with the holiness God requires - bottom line - that's why it's essential to get rid of God/Jesus at any cost."

Some of these people seem to use their religion as something to hold over people, "I'm better than you! You have no morals, I DO! Ner-Ner-Nee-Ner-Ner!" Isn't loving in Jesus' name about loving and helping your fellow man? Even if they DON'T accept Christ as their saviour? I dunno, I don't go to church but that's the message I get from the whole bible thing.

Last time I checked, I had plenty of morals. I haven't hurt, maimed or killed anyone (to my knowledge). I haven't been prostituting my children. I sponsor a child in Bangladesh and I try and give to charities whenever I have spare cash. All without Jesus telling me to do so!

But I have downloaded music on peer-to-peer software, that's the one thing that might fuck me up at the gates of heaven. But you know what? If heaven's going to be full of nutjob evangelical Christians, PLEASE GOD DON'T LET ME IN.

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Caesarea said...

Anyone who picks on squirrels or denigrates them is on my sh*tlist!

"I hope your genitals fall off and are eaten by three-legged mice with squirrel tails."

Where the hell did that guy get such an mental picture? Ahhhh, but for the days of Tom Paine and the Age of Reason!

P.S.: Grace! Saw that B&W pic. Very mysterious and, shall we say, alluring?