Monday, August 01, 2005


Don't do drugs kids

I was bored out of my skull with nothing better to do than destroy myself a little quicker.
It's hard to sleep when all you can think about is the past/present and future blurring together so that it time appears to loose all concept.
The feeling of stepping over a cliff is not settling my stomach, my food intake has been minimum as my brain races along trying to figure everything out all at once.
pow, he hit back, bellow the belt, pow, again she hit across the face this time.
I deserved nothing better than that..
I fell, but there was someone there waiting to catch me and put me back on my feet, like i know she always will be.
I laughed as i felt so disgusted all i wanted to do was scrub myself down with a sponge made of nails.
Why did i ever let him touch me in that way, i screamed down the phone and she just listened as i said i felt sick over and over again.
I went against everything i ever wanted, and im never ever going to let anyone touch me in that way again, not until i am sure that they love me, really love me.

I won't settle for anything less than that.

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