Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Would you like a cup of tea?

The Internet Needs to Know...

....that the minimum order for mail order baby chicks is 25.

....that a stray cat I let into the house for the night ate one of the baby chickens and so was evicted by the cap'n this morning.

.... that the minimum order for mail order baby turkeys is 10 and the cap'n should be receiving his turkeys sometime this week.

....that 5 adorable baby goats need happy homes or they will be turned into bbq-ed goat this summer. I am very very sad about this because I love to cuddle them but they are inbred and so not useful as milking goats.

....that I currently know how to make paneer, feta and ricotta cheese and that it is delicious

....that Laura Ingalls Wilder's farming plans never involved cajoling a group of pregnant teens whose favorite phrase is "I ain't touching that".

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