Saturday, July 16, 2005

So L. sez to B. she sez…

It turns out people from the midwest aren't brain damaged after all.

(for my midwestern readers - that's sarcasm)

This article was on the world service today.

One thing that the article doesn't talk about that the radio broadcast did is that there are apparently vast cultural differences when it comes to sarcasm. She compared Ireland and england (take that england no capital for you) which both had very high sarcasm rates to the midwestern united states (you too u.s.) where the concept is almost completely foreign. Now after reading that article and reading that statement what conclusion does everyone jump to?

I thought…well then everyone in the midwest is brain damaged. This would be consistent with poll results I think. Again I'm being sarcastic (you still with me midwest?)

Serious now - what if sarcasm trains your brain to pay more attention to cues other than verbal, or if verbal contextual? Could this explain why certain seemingly intelligent people can't seem to associate what bush is saying with what he's actually doing? People in the midwest simply don't lie to their children enough to make them question what people are saying? No midwest he's not really pulling off his finger and no he doesn't have your nose.

Oh and on a related note. Everyone has heard about the whole no child left behind requiring schools to provide all students contact information to the military right?

Not that I have any adult readers but if you know someone with kids in public school now might be a good time to tell them to opt out.

(I don't really have any midwestern readers. Sorry about that folks.)

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