Thursday, April 14, 2005

Give Me Spirit Fingers Dammit

Position vacant

Every now and then I like to seek out the damp and dark corners of the earth. So this weekend I'm off to London! My 10 day itinerary will consist primarily of Kabbalah sessions with Sister Mad-Esther interspersed with stalking of Jude Law. There's also a wedding I have to attend. Nothing fancy, just two plain-looking folk exchanging vows at the registry office followed by a church blessing and finger food.

This wedding is significant because the elevation of Royal Mistress to Princess Consort creates a vacancy that needs to be filled at taxpayers' expense. To this end, the Prince's search led him to places such as Australia and New Zealand which despite their remoteness, had heard of British royalty through the supermarket tabloids. Alas, the search for a suitable replacement has been a Goldilocks' tale….

Continue reading here, and don't miss the hilarious gallery of unsuitable Royal Mistress.

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