Saturday, April 09, 2005


If I Were the Supreme Being...

Why is it that conspiracy theorists feel that those who are “really” running the world have to make subtle hints in movies, the back of road signs, etc. This is one of the greatest “unknowns” in my life. (Yes, it is the equivalent of a mental “self gratification”, but every now and then I go back to the conspiracy theorists to find a source of amusements.)

I mean, if I were ruling the world, I would be standing up on the highest mountain screaming it as loud as possible! I would have all of my television stations (and they would, by definition, be MY television stations) broadcasting my picture with the title “Supreme Being” as the title underneath. What is the use of being all-powerful if you can’t use it for self indulgence? Think about it, if you were the ruler of all, you would have to be a rather self indulgent person to even attempt to achieve that level of power…why just have Kevin Costner HINT at your greatness in an Oliver Stone movie about JFK…have Kevin Costner portray YOU in the movie of YOUR life! (while having Oliver Stone put to death for his pandering style)

This article is a tour de force of conspiracy. This guy touches everything from the Jews and Jesuits – all the way to the Rockefellers. I did like the description of the “Black Pope” he looks “like just a very evil individual”. Well, there you go. There is a guy who works in my office who just looks “evil”. I guess he is a candidate for anti-Christ! I probably should shy away from him…except that he is a pretty nice guy. And THAT brings me to the next point…

If you were TRULY evil, would you take the form of a horned beast…an “evil looking individual”? NO!!! The movie Bedazzled (hmmm….another warning?) hit it on the head…you would come looking like Elizabeth Hurley! I know I would!

So we can take from this article that, among other things, The Detroit Lions, as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Disneyland, Hershey’s chocolate, Las Vegas casinos and just about everything else is just Lucifer trying to get me converted to his legion. Hey, if Hell is watching the Steelers and Lions play, placing a bet on the game at an online Vegas casino, while eating chocolate at Disneyworld….ummm….sign me up! Yes, I know…watching the Lions every year is evidence of an evil force on the planet!

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