Sunday, March 06, 2005

The World Of Schaefnutz

The Slap Happy Life of Steve S!

*deep sigh*

I love it

Im all excited when I get out of work....I go to the "big flip cup tournament" for GET which ended like an hour after I arrived. Then we got to head to a party with some new faces for a change....

You wouldnt think that would get me deeply disturbed but it does......Heres what gets me the most...Im tryin to mingle with some new people and some people I havent seen in a while, so the friends I came with like get mad and pretty much go off on their own someplace and don't say a word. And then I meet a girl whos cute and I talk to her bla bla bla. Then she brings up a boyfriend in the conversation and I ask about him and feel like i shouldnt "overly" talk to her cause all her other friends "kindly hint" when someone has a boyfriend.

Anyways... Tim gets completely hammered talks gibberish for 3 hours and then gropes the girl (the same girl) in a drunken state and winds up with her number, while im waiting to get the hell out of there....I help Tim out a lot and as always im happy that I could help him and im happy that he made out well but I really cant get past the fact that I try so hard but yet, Tim gets a number in that manner.....Then I drive him home causes hes hammered and pretend not to think about the fact then I havent done something like that in a looong time (talked to someone like that or got a number).

And somehow I remember, that this could probably be the least of my worries :(

*a deep sigh*

guess ill go lay in bed for 3 hours and hope for some new miracle, that wont happen...

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