Monday, March 14, 2005

Flagrant Disregard

long story short

somebody hit my car while it was parked and the damage seems negligible but at the time i didn't see any reason how someone else's imperfection should cost me anything more than a few local telephone calls. when i insisted on an insurance card and drivers license information before leaving the scene, the race card was pulled and suddenly the other party accused me of stereotyping.

long story long

stereotyping? did i stutter and ask for his matricular consular card before quickly correcting myself and saying drivers license? no. after copying down his demographics, all i requested was insurance information. hell hath no fury like a poor person in a rental kia optima trying to spin a story of owning a body shop.

why are people scared of the truth?. . .

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why are people scared of the truth? really, if he didn't carry an automobile insurance policy, why lie about it? how does it help the situation? either way, i have been inconvenienced- why extend it? why couldn't he bring himself to say either he is uninsurable, the policy lapsed, or he's such a fuck up he can't afford the premiums? why not be a man, look me in the eye, and say that?

it's a new world out there. this would have KILLED me two years ago. invalid friend and i were on the way to his job, and after the car incident was all overblown and not managed too well, chuck mentioned how surprised he was that i had handled the situation better than him.

the secret is that the little projects i have been involved in have been very lucrative. i can afford the repairs, am smart enough to possibly fix them myself, and really couldn't give a fuck about that car anyway. no stress or anxiety here. the situation with the jackass population today, on the other hand, annoyed the hell out of me for a half an hour.

i don't have anything to do right now except for an assignment from my psychiatrist to endure the walmart check out line. so maybe i'll look into buying a power polisher type of thing and some wax to hopefully buff out the marks. it might not even be dented- i don't know.

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