Thursday, February 17, 2005


First Post

may this medium prove to be the first immortal vehicle of meme residence and transfer... a transhuman solution to our species' otherwise all-but-impossible quest for rising above the realm of limited resources and energy... a realm that dictates most decisions in sentient life and remaining biota (actually, if we consider any perturbation to a system, that is far from its energy equilibrium, to be processed insofar as that system is changed, then we may believe that that system has made a decision (we would be wrong technically, but we almost always are, attributing volition and choice to simple reactions... more on this in future posts for sure))... i must admit and take note of that deeply nested subreferences are powerful tools in the derailment of one's stream of logic... that's why we meet at the hyperlogic blog i guess... so what was my point... oh yes, this: unless google goes enron, this memebase can exist forever or can be considered to have a controllable lifespan... and thats a pretty happy thought for a free web service to inspire... onwards


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