Saturday, January 15, 2005

Unwashed Depressive

Age Is a Vandal

I finally took a real day off on my latest two-day break, and just hung home with my son while Husband worked, and we watched some idiot movies. He's even more Type-A than I am about just chillin' so it was rare.

Turns out one of the movies wasn't as idiot as I was expecting.
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle was so good I didn't want it to end. These two guys have more eyebrow moves between them than John Belushi doing Groucho, and the plot was basically about how the love for fast food and pot can actually be liberating and motivating. What was great about the movie, is , these two actually made me believe it.

Harold: I want that, Kumar.
Kumar: What? A Hot Dog Heaven chili cheese dog?
Harold: No. The feeling a man gets when he gets exactly what he desires.
Kumar: You mean...
Harold: We have to go to White Castle.

By this time, Telemachus was crashed out, and I was ready to dip into my second rental. I was craving Les Liasons Dangereuse after reading this post.

It was fucking hot. Halfway through the movie, inspired, perhaps by the 'inverted-sterotypes' theme of Harold and Kumar, I realized that I had spent two hours shivering my timbers to forty-year-plus actors.

Note that this was a European film. Sexy over-forty, hell, over thirty, actress in lead in Hollywood movie= cold day in enfer.

Jimmy took a look at the baldy little bollix on the scooter.
-You're the same age as me da!
-You may speak the truth, Brother Rabitte,but I'm sixteen years younger than B.B. King. And six years younger than James Brown."
- You've heard of them?"

(from The Commitments)

If I applied that logic to being an over-forty intelligent movie fan, it would go like this;

"Why would I want to watch this? Nastassja Kinski's older than you are!"

"You may speak the truth. But I'm five years younger than her, and fifteen years younger than Sonia Braga. And the same age as Lena Olin. "

"Who the fuck are they? Never heard of them".


It's true. Our actresses are all gamines- young, flirtatious, cutie-pie types, who age particularly hideously . Young people can do all kinds of things and still look cute- smoke, swear, disrobe in public, talk about love. And when that aging-kewpie type of actress (or civilian, for that matter) tries to pull it off, it is , oh-so-ick.

Europe has a tradition of sexual and smart older woman.

We have the freeze-dried, progressively blonder, and pitiable personages of Melanie Griffith, Sheryl Crowe, and the mother of them all, Sharon Stone, acting like scary old teenagers.

ANTI's mom is prettier than all of them put together.

As long as women like her, and Nastassja are around, I refuse to quit acting my age.


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