Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday Miscellany

Encyclopaedia Erratica: A Treasury of Extravagant Lies

The Sound Of Music was adapted from an unpublished poem by August Strindberg entitled "I Pray For Death." Some liberties were taken with the original text.

Ste's Site

Best 404 Page Ever
If you think you have seen all the nice 404 pages, go and have a look at this one. I normally don't like flash stuff on web pages, specially not on critical parts of the page (read: almost everywhere except maybe a skipable intro), but this 404 distracted me for quite some time (compared to other 404 pages this is). Go and have a look. [Hint: great spot to brush up on your pong skills.]

Goldfish Racetrack

I have designed an aquarium to come to the aide of goldfish. They are traditionally kept in round bowls which make them unhappy because they are long distance swimmers. I made an 8-shaped track that creates and infinite acquarium for the fish. The track goes round the corner, turns left, crosses, turns right, etc! The fish get the cutest little road rage and tear each other up! It's so educational for the kids!" Click link above to see illustrations.

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