Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Omgad! Not Lice! (Ireland)

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Everyone knows that religion, as a school subject, is extremely stupid and biased. Especially in Catholic schools. My teacher, Mrs Byrne, is the kind of menopausal PE teacher who wears a whistle even when they aren't teaching PE, that's how menopausal she is.
Sometimes, I swear, she dismisses every other religion. Especially Hinduism. She once said "Girls, don't try to learn the Hindu Gods, shir they make new ones up everyday." Then she goes on about how bad sectarianism is.
Anyway, after you make your confirmation (and earn a hefty sum of money) there is nothing left to teach you in religon. It's just downhill from there. Your religion book is full of crap sayings. It's just pictures of Bono (Spa)* and Christopher Reeves (CRIPPLE FIGHT!) with moral stories. (Johnny once wrote "sexy boy" on a picture of Stephen Hawkings.)
I came across a interesting story about morals. This is a summary of the story/question: (Note, there will be questions like this in the Junior Cert)

John recently started work in a supermarket. It was okay and he got paid well. One day, his friends Declan and Sarah came up to his checkout holding a pack of cigarettes. John knew they were underage and selling the cigarettes to them could lose him his job. What could John do?
1. Write out two endings to this story detailing the consequences of each.

[*According to, "spa" means "a bit of a nutcase."]


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