Monday, January 03, 2005

The Art of Rhysisms (Wales)

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Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, I have got a serious, Geek issue

"Rhys!" They said, "You cannot have a girlfriend and Linux. It's unheard of! One or the other, you decide!"
Guess which one I got?
Yep, Linux.
Red Hat to be exact.
Yep, sorry to be a geek. But I had to get it. The Computer Science classes in uni was going so far over my head it was almost in orbit, talking about /root and -ll's and other technological bullcrap. So I thought, hell - I can't beat them (pity), so I'll join them. I'll join the guy with the ponytail covered in grease. The 21 year old with a beard you could get lost in, and the ULEPS ("University of Liverpool Extreme Programmers Society").
Hell, my romantic life is used to it by now. It went downhill when I went to watch WWE, when I rejoined IRC. It can take one more blow for the team, I suppose.
So is it worth it?
Well, unsure. Been playing around with it for a bit, but it seems a little too airy fairy for me. Too much faffing around. Oooh, this is pretty. Does fuck all, but it's pretty. That kind of thing.
Anyway, doesn't matter, because I'm dual booting.
Incidentally, if there is any woman out there who is turned on by a man with a dual booting PC, let me know. Please.

Rhys also recommends the following: "ICE-CREAM TRICK: play ice-cream van jingles loudly in your car whilst driving through an estate, filming the resultant confused children who flock to the roadside."


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