Friday, December 24, 2004

Something to Say (Singapore)

What i did on christmas eve - orchard

i went to amk library and borrowed some books. i went to orchard with some frens.

orchard seemed like a giant battlefield. there was foam fighting everywhere. getting from orchard to somerset was no mean feat.
while most people would only 'engage' those holding a can of foam in their hands, there were some 'extras' who 'attacked' anyone they saw.

after doing some stereotyping, i concluded that there were two kinds of foam sellers, one is the average poly student and the other is the average uncle or auntie. however, their customers include teenagers, young adults, foreign workers and some parents with kids. groups that were the most 'wild' were the those aged 15 and above to the late twenties.

once 'contacted' they would spray at their 'opponent' mercilessly, often with the help of a few frens. i kept telling my frens that we were in 'a danger zone' with no 'ammunition' and that we were prone to 'ambushes' especially around the 'high risk' areas near cineleisure.

cars exiting from mandarin hotel were the worst hit. they had to deal with heavy human traffic on the way out, as well as endure the emotional torture of being sprayed at. the ground was littered with spray cans of all sorts of colours as well as limited amounts of confetti. i saw some teenagers kicking the empty cans for fun, but some hit me and my frens.

i heard laughter from them, those sadists. it was very painful but what could i do, go to them and 'express my anger' by 'beating them up'? i felt frustrated and after a while they had mingled into the crowd and were gone so i could not return their 'favour'.

recalling the scene in orchard during the last new year's eve
i concluded that there were two days in the year that 'mobbing', 'littering', 'fighting', 'vandalism' and 'various forms of violent acts that involve the use of foam spray cans' were acceptable in a public area - the eves of new year and christmas.

afterall, yesterday was supposed to be 'silent night'


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