Thursday, December 23, 2004

Rednecks Revenge

Rednecks Revenge

When Does the War Start?

I have recently been voicing my opinion that we need to walk away from Iraq and leave them to their cultural devices. I knew that would be interpreted by some as “So the Pro-War Hawk wants to retreat”, and that’s certainly not the case. On the surface my suggestion could be seen in that light, but anyone who has been exposed to my POVs for the last year, should be able to see this development in perspective of my overall views. However my good friend Dody Gunawinata recently suggested:

So have you finally seen the wisdom of Pass the Gas and other ardent opponents of OIF [Operation Iraqi Freedom]?

They *knew* the Iraqi war is un-winnable probably for the same historical reason you presented.

I suspect he knows me and Pass came to similar conclusions from diametrically opposed perspectives, but just in case…let me clarify mine.

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