Monday, December 13, 2004

Qui l'eu cru: A French Student's Mis/Adventures in America

Qui l'eu cru
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NY 911

This morning my friends the old men without Healthcare of the YMCA were all well. Or not really. Or rather not badly. Good as a whole that went if one passes in addition to the fact that a room at the end of my corridor was probably released in an anticipated way.

To make simple, yesterday evening while returning towards 7h30 pm, it was NY 911.

The siren afar, the ambulance which crushes in front of the YMCA, the firemen who divide my elevator. Beautiful adventure.

Except that that does not stop there.

They descend on the same floor as me, me preceding in the corridor, for finally stopping a few meters further. There, they reanimate a Mister who seemed badly-in-point. For the results, I cannot say some more. Not wanting to disturb, I took my courage with two hands, and, with the third, I opened my door, [no] more to open it until the morning.

I know only one thing, the following day in the showers, the old man who spits his lungs was not there….

Good news, this evening with 7h30 I have appointment for a free room in colloc [inexpensive shared housing for students/tourists] until Nov. 4.


Google translation from French.

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