Sunday, December 26, 2004

I Am Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare

Asshat Mail #2. The more they hate, the more I donate.

"I did it, I read your little rant on why you HATE Dr. Laura and all I can say is that I feel SOOOOO sorry for you. Your head is twisted, your morals are - well, I'm not EXACTLY in a position to totally judge but when you don't see something wrong with sluts, when you are on a third marriage and you think there isn't a problem with gays' - then honey, you're twisted.

I'm so happy that the MAJORITY of the country DOESN'T agree with you. I'm happy that more and more young folks are turning back towards God. I'm so happy that the various states crushed those petitions to make gays legit - they aren't and that kind of behavior is what helps to tear down our society.

Too bad for you dear - my prediction - another divorce (sooner or later). Your daughter will end up on drugs and pregnant because she will see no reason not to. Eventually she'll have several divorces complete with a few kids some from husbands, some not. It's not a pretty picture, I'll pray for you, that's all I can do."

December 23, 2004, from

Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare response?

Honestly, my first take was - It's two days before Christmas! Who has the time to write this crap? Doesn't this asshat have some holiday shit to do? Last minute mall shopping? Baking? Food prep? Gift wrapping? I was in the midst of curling some ribbon for one of our kiddos' presents when this email popped up on my laptop monitor. Anyway. . . CONTINUE READING

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