Friday, November 19, 2004

Ranger's World

Patriot Act
So I wrote a persuasive essay on abolishing the Patriot Act and I think it will do pretty well. Hope my English teacher is not a Nazi-Republican.

I heard the word Nazi a lot this weekend... mainly because the Negative side of the debate was saying Nazi Germany would've never happend if we envaded their privacy and I'm like no way dude, the German government had a list of who was Jewish and who wasn't and judges bought Nazi Germany... it was soo lame.

I got grounded for 3 months because I called mom a bitch and turned all her arguements she made on me against her... it was so funny. Now she is trying to ask if we can come to some sort of reasoning on this thing because she doesn't like to haul me around everywhere so I said "F that I want you to see how much money I spend on that gay truck dude." I spend around $240 for 3 months on gas... it'll be nice to have that money go towards my lap top.

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