Thursday, November 25, 2004

Brian 4 President

The Campaign Begins

Since this is my first piece of campaign material on my 24-year journey to become President, I think it's best to just give some information about me politically. I'll keep my answers to one sentence.

Name: Brian [XXXXXXXXXX]

Birth Date: 10/18/1982 (Note: The Constitution states that the President must be at least 35 years of age. I turn 35 in 2017. The following Presidential election year is 2020.)

Registered Residence: Santa Barbara County, California

Registered Party: Republican

More accurate party association: Libertarian

Stances on Election 2004 Issues:

War in Iraq: Would have voted against it in Congress, wouldn't have gone it. Currently, we should diminish our presence.

North Korea: There's no good solution. Use diplomacy; try to get other countries (such as China and Japan) to seek overthrow of uncooperative government.

Iran: Sanctions. Except for nuclear developement, we have no reason to interfere

Social Security: Do away with it, or follow Bush's privatization plan.

Healthcare: Should not have governmental interference, or should be regulated like utilities.

Gay Marriage: Marriage is historically left to the states, so it is the states' decision. However, would SUPPORT a constitutional amendment ALLOWING same-sex marriage.

Stem Cell Research: Full speed ahead, even though we're not prepared for the consequences.

Loss of Jobs in Manufacturing, Programming: No short-term solution. Long-term solution is specialization in areas of competitive advantage.

Bad Habit: Not finishing what I start


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